2Checkout Inline payment plugin for Phoca Cart released

2Checkout Inline payment plugin for Phoca Cart released

We are pleased to announce the release of 2Checkout payment plugin for Phoca Cart. Now you can accept payments through 2CO inline mode without being forwarded to an external page.

Phoca Cart is e-commerce extension - a complex shopping cart for Joomla! from famous developer Jan Pavelka.

The 2Checkout payment processing service accepts payments from over 190 markets and supports more than 80 currencies and 15 languages. Using 2Checkout Inline it's possible to receive transactions without leaving the site: the payment is being processed in iframe where a secure payment form is displayed. As a result, the user will be always stayed on your site.

Feel free to Visit 2Checkout and sign up there to accept payments today.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Secure Payments being processed within Iframe
  • Ability to pay via PayPal inside the 2Checkout interface
  • Support for Sandbox (Test Environment)
  • Custom Note field to paste your content (HTML tags are allowed)

2Checkout Inline payment plugin for Phoca Cart operates with 2Checkout Pass-Through-Products Parameters - the payment gateway is being used without creating products on 2Checkout sellers area and end client will not leave your site during secure payment. This is the main difference to 2Checkout Standard that will forward the user to external page.

We recommend to watch the short video guide (link is below).

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