NorrCompetition 1.7.6 released

NorrCompetition 1.7.6 released

We are glad to announce the release of NorrCompetition 1.7.6 - top voting contest extension for Joomla. This version includes a few improvements and bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Changes in fields doesn't work when entry is saved on front-end
  • Cyrillic domain displays in ASCII format.
  • Incorrect total count of entries per field.
  • Total entries calculation for closed constest.
  • "Other Entries" header is displayed when there is no other entries
  • Missing form data argument in onParticipantAfterSave trigger


  • Display random entries. New option to display entries in random order.
Display entries in random order in NorrCompetition 1.7.6
Display entries in random order
  • Option to filter contests in entry form. In some cases you do not want to display the full list of contests and select which one should be included in the list. Now it is possible to do via new option in menu item settings. You can filter them by selecting specific contests or category.
  • Option to show/hide the contest field in entry form.
NorrCompetition - Filter the list of contests in entry form
Filter the list of contests in entry form
NorrCompetition - List of selected contests
List of selected contests
  • Display contestant IP and user-agent in the back-end. It helps the administrator to determine which IP addresses the entries were submitted from and what user-agent was used.
NorrCompetition - Show IP address of entry submitter
Contestant IP in author column
  • Manage the display options of specific contest in the list of contests. Now you can set up how specific contest will be displayed in the list of contests by showing or hiding its options like: image, description, category, type etc. and override global options.
NorrCompetition - Contests Layout Options
Contests Layout Options
  • Update of English localization. There are important changes in some terms & definitions in English localization after proof-reading. Read more.

It is recommended to always make backup of your site before any update.

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