NorrCompetition 3 Years Anniversary

NorrCompetition 3 Years Anniversary

Our top product NorrCompetition got 3 Years Anniversary. On 29 June 2015, we have announced the first release. A lot of new features were added and dozens of improvements were implemented according to our ideas and users' feedback. We are proud to say NorrCompetition is the leading voting contest extension for Joomla now. What's new is planned to release? Let's talk in this article.

But before will start talking about new plans let's summarize the progress and what we have done during 3 years. This is history now.


  • NorrCompetition got 20 editions
  • 8 core modules and plugins released
  • 5 commercial add-ons released
  • Localizations to 18 languages (thanks to all contributors!)
  • Great documentation and tutorials to get started

Users got a perfect solution that covers their needs and we got a great experience. Of course, there is a wide range of new features to do, but we would like to share some ideas and planned features with you. There is no final roadmap and we are not sure the tasks described below will be released at all, but the tasks are under consideration and might appear in next versions of the component. So, let's go:

New features to consider:

  • New themes for Bootstrap 4 and Uikit 3
  • Entries moderation on front-end
  • Thumbnails re-generation (it's essential if you have changed image width and height params)
  • Contestant's profile
  • Extended statistics

Improvements that might be released:

  • Revamping of "my entries" page (thumnails to add)
  • Total number of entries in the list of contests
  • Joomla 4 layer compliance: namespace support
  • Improved protection from unfair vote

In honor of the NorrCompetition anniversary we bring 30% discount to everyone who are interested in this voting extension. Coupon Code: ANNIVERSARY3

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