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Stripe Plugin for Phoca Cart ver. 1.2.0

Stripe Plugin for Phoca Cart ver. 1.2.0

We have released a new version of Stripe for Phoca Cart. This payment plugin was updated to work with the latest API version of Stripe and have new front-end design. The plugin is fully compatible with Phoca Cart 3.5.

What's new?

  • Update to work with the latest Stripe API version
  • Revamped template
  • Improved Stripe Elements support
Stripe plugin for Phoca Cart - new design
New design of the payment plugin

Note: please update Stripe API to the version 2020-03-02 in Stripe dashboard! Read more

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Dmitry Rekun

Dmitry Rekun

Being a fan of Open Source software, Dmitry is involved in professional web-development and programming who loves to create a clean code. He has a deep passion for Joomla and is an active contributor of the Joomla Project.