JMB Copy Letters

1. Getting Started

JMB Copy Letters is a system plugin that help you to control all incoming messages sent via standard Contacts component (com_contacts). All messages will be duplicated as Joomla articles in specified category, also copy of messages can be sent at various e-mails.

2. Installation

JMB Copy Letters can be installed as typical Joomla extension. Go to Administrator Panel > Extensions > Install > Upload Package. Joomla Updade System is implemented in the plugin, so you will be notified about new update to be installed via site back-end.

3. Configuration

Action settings - specify how the plugin should handle messages. Available options:

  • Copy to E-mail
  • Save in article
  • Both options

E-mail address - E-mail address to send copy of the message to.

E-mail address location - Where email address should be saved.

  • Before message text
  • After message text

Author - Choose a user under which all messages will be saved in the database (field created_by).

Categories list - List of Joomla categories. All messages will be saved under the selected category.

JMB Copy Letters settings
JMB Copy Letters settings