JMB JShopping Last Seen Products

1. Getting Started

JMB JShopping Last Seen Products is a module and plugin that displays list of recently viewed JoomShopping items. It will make your e-store more user friendly and add an element of interactivity.

2. Installation

This extension comes as module and plugin and can be installed from one package. Go to Administrator Panel > Extensions > Install > Upload and Install the package. A Joomla Update System is implemented to JMB JShopping Last Seen Products, so you can be informed about new available version and can update the extension in a few clicks via site back-end.

3. Configuration

Module tab

  • Count - Number of products to display.
  • Module style - choose the style of a module (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Image - Show or hide the product image
  • Name - Show or hide the product name.
  • Price - Show or hide the price of the product
  • Old price - Show or hide the old product price

To correct work of a module the JMB JShopping Last Seen Products plugin must be is enabled! Please check it out.

Advanced tab

  • Backlink - Show or hide the backlink to extension's website
  • Alternative Layout - Use a different layout from the supplied module or overrides in the templates. Available layouts: default, horizontal and vertical