This is a list of settings that override the manager settings for the specified user group.

For example, for users of the "Manager" group, when we upload images, we want to use a watermark, but we don’t want to use watermark for the "Administrator" group. To do this, we need to create an override. List of available overrides:

Name Config Name Available Values
Custom Scopes scopescustom For custom scopes define JSON format:
    "scopescustom0": {
        "enable": "1",
        "id": "generatefromtitle1",
        "title": "Some scope",
        "path": "images/{year}-{month}-{day}"
     "scopescustom1": {
        "enable": "1",
        "id": "generatefromtitle2",
        "title": "One more scope",
        "path": "images/{year}-{month}"
Max upload file size maxsize number (in megabytes)
Max characters in the name of folders and files maxsizefilename number
Add postfix to file names postfix 1 or 0
Metadata for files metafile 1 or 0
Additional metadata metafileextended 1 or 0
Hide upload area dropareahidden 1 or 0
Show help button help 1 or 0
Allowed MIME types mimetype Text (mime types each on the new line)
Search images in Unplash unsplash 1 or 0
Search images in Pixabay pixabay 1 or 0
Save original images original 1 or 0
Use originals for cropping originalresize 1 or 0
Auto resize images resize 1 or 0
Max resize width rezizemaxwidth number
Max resize height rezizemaxheight number
Apply watermark overlay 2 (button), 1 (auto) or 0 (enable)
Watermark file overlayfile String, path to image, for example "images/joomla.png"
Resize watermark in percents overlaypercent 1 or 0
Watermark percents overlaypercentvalue Number from 0 to 100 (percents)
Watermark position overlaypos top-left, top, top-right, left, center, right, bottom-left, bottom, bottom-right
Watermark margins overlaypadding number

Usage Examples

For "Manager" group override "Custom Scopes"

Custom Scopes in Profile tab

For "Editor" group restrict upload file size to 2 megabytes.

Limit upload to 2 mb