Related Topics for Kunena

Related Topics for Kunena is a plugin that shows a list of similar subjects related to the opended discussion below its first post and help visitors to examine other topics relevant to the request. The plugin allows to get more information, makes forum user friendly and as a result increases users' loyality.

You can control the elements to display: show number of related topics, date of latest post and relevance. Also it's possible to set up percentage of matches (important parameter!).

Related Topics for Kunena requires InnoDB type for quick searching, so there is an option to convert Kunena table to MyISAM type to get plugin working. Also you can restore table type back to InnoDB.

The plugin is compatible to both default Kunena templates Blue Eagle, Crypsis (as well as compatible with our templates) and use its styles and layout, so the list of related topics nicely fits into template design and is a user friendly. Also you can override styles globally from Joomla template.

The plugin can be installed as typical Joomla extension. You must open Control Panel and go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Install
Then install the package. When this process is successfuly done, go to Extensions > Plugin manager, find new Kunena plugin Related Topics for Kunena and enable it.

The plugin is easy to configure. It comes with the following settings:

Change table type to MyISAM (required). By default Kunena forum use InnoDB type, but it's required to use another type to provide quick search. This setting is important.

You must click on this button after plugin installation and convert table type to MyISAM to get plugin working. Also there is an option to restore settings back to InnoDB.

Percentage of matches - Minimal percentage of matches. Works only when table have a fulltext index (MyISAM type).

Number of topics to display. Maximum number of displayed topics in the list. Default value is 10.

Display relevance. If this parameter is enabled, a new column will be displayed on the right side of the topic names. It will show the percentage or relevance to the basic discussion.

Display date of latest post. If the parameter is enabled, a new column will be displayed with the date of latest reply in the relevant topic. It helps to see how relevant the information is to user's current criteria of search.

Show topics from current category. By default the plugin searches matching topics within all categories. If this parameter is enabled, relevant topics will be taken only from current category. It is useful when it's needed to limit searches within one category.

Here is the list of common questions to help you find the solution quickly.

Q: What is the principle of searching, what criteria are in use?

A: The plugin performs fulltext index search on topic names only and find matching words. Plugin does not process the posts and search within topic names only that provides good performance and result.

Q: I've installed and enabled plugin, but it takes no effect and I don't see the list of matching topics.

A: You should change the value of Percentage of matches parameter and increase it. Also be sure that table type is coverted to MyISAM (just enable this mode in plugin settings).

Q: The list of relevant topics does not match my design and look ugly.

A: The plugin uses layout and classes of default Kunena templates Blue Eagle and Crypsis and fully compatible to other templates with the same layout. If there is a template from 3rd party prodiver, you must customise the layout to match the excepted request.