Use on multilingual sites

NorrCompetition has multilingual support starting from version 1.3.0.

To enable multilingual support proceed to competition options > General tab > and set Multilingual Support parameter to Yes. After you enable this parameter, you will be able to define translations for items within the component.

The correct work of the component with enabled multilingual support requires PHP 5.4 or higher and enabled mbstring extension.

By default, multilingual support is disabled.

Here are the screens of some administration sections of component with enabled multilingual support:

Competition Form
Participant Form
Field Form

The categories section looks a bit different, because it is out of NorrCompetition scope:

Category Form

Always create categories with language set to All. Do not bind categories to specific language.

As you can see with enabled multilingual support some items has additional tabs with languages to define translations. Multilingual support is bound to installed language packs (localisations), so the count of tabs is also depends on installed language packs.

When you define translations keep in mind that the default (primary) language is English (en-GB). That is why it always is the first in tabs row.