General Information

Categories like Fields is a fundamental element of the future competitions structure. Further you will require to assign the categories to competitions and that is why it is a good idea to start getting familiar with the component administration from this section.

The categories have a tree structure and that allows you to organise a chain of subcategories.

Therefore categories and subcategories help you to store and display your competitions logically. Imagine the following structure:

  • Women
    • The Best Women Portrait
    • Another Cool Photo Competition
    • ...
  • Pets
    • Cats
      • The Best Sleepy Cat
      • Another Cat Competition
      • ...
    • Dogs
      • My Funny Dog
      • One More Dog Competition
      • ...
  • Cars
    • The Best Tuning Competition
    • Some Car Competition
    • ...

Using the categories you structure the competitions and make the navigation easier for users. To achieve this NorrCompetition utilizes the standard CMS categories. You can display up to three levels of categories.

Though every competition should belong to a category it does not inherit ACL permissions from it. Also the competition route does not contain category in it. So the category title won’t be shown in the URL of the competition.

But competitions inherit the state of categories. For example, if category is unpublished you won’t be able to access on frontend the competition which belongs to unpublished category. Also competitions inherit view access levels.

All this allows having a low coupling and more flexible display and structure.