Integration with

To add comments from to NorrCompetition you should create a new application using the following address:

Создание приложения Вконтакте
Создание приложения Вконтакте.
  • Title - the title for application. For convenience you can use your website title..
  • Category - select "Website" here
  • Site address - your website’s URL
  • Base domain - your website’s base domain

Click on "Connect Site". If everything is correct you will see the popup window that requires a confirmation code.

Action confirmation
Action confirmation

Click on "Get code" button and you will get the code on your mobile phone number that is associated with your account. You should enter this code in the field below and click on "Confirm" button.

After successful previous step you will see the page with information about your application. Click on "Settings" in the left sidebar.

Application settings
Application settings

Here you will see your Application ID that you need to paste in NorrCompetition options:
Open Control Panel > Components > NorrCompetition > Options, select "Comments" tab and paste it to " Application ID" paramter. Save options.

Now you have comments integrated in NorrCompetition.