Competition Layout Options

NorrCompetition has flexible layout options. When you are creating or editing a competition in the "Layout Options" tab you can control the look of the competition page. By default all options are inherited from the component options so you need to set them only if you want this particular competition to look different from other competitions.

Competition Layout Options
  • Title - show or hide the title of the competition.
  • Description - show or hide the description of the competition.
  • Competition Start Timer - show or hide the countdown timer till competition start.
  • Competition End Timer - show or hide the countdown timer till competition end.
  • Voting Start Timer - show or hide the countdown timer till voting start.
  • Voting End Timer - show or hide the countdown timer till voting end.

Listing Options

  • Voting - you can set to Show if you want to allow users to vote in the list of participants.
  • Share - set to Show if you want to display share button and allow users to share participant.
  • Play Video - allow to play videos or display thumbnail of videos.
  • Participants - show or hide participants before the voting start.
  • Total Number - show or hide the total number of participants.
  • Submitter - show or hide a user name who has submitted an application.
  • Submitter Title - choose how you want to display submitter: name or username.
  • Participants per Row – define how many participants should be displayed per one row. Note that some website templates (frontend frameworks) do not support some values. For example, Bootstrap does not support 5 items per row.
  • Participants per Page – define how many participants should be displayed on the one page.
  • Title Length – if set then the title of the participant will be truncated till this value. You may set it when the title breaks the layout.
  • Participant's Field – the field that value will be displayed under the title of participant.
  • Field Length – the length of field value in symbols. Useful for text fields to reduce the length of the text.

Completed Competition Options

  • Participants per Result – define the count of participants with highest rating that are displayed in the completed competition.
  • Grouping Field - the field that will be used to group the participants when competition is completed. If it is not selected then the participants will be displayed as a standard list.
  • Participants per Field - if the grouping field is selected this parameter specifies the count of participants to display per one field.

Filtering Options

  • Search Filter – show or hide the search filter that allows you to search by participant title.
  • Ordering Filter – show or hide the ordering filter that allows you to order the list.
  • Order Parameters – the order options that will be displayed in the ordering filter. If only one option is selected then filter will not be displayed.
  • Limit - show or hide the limit box which allows you to choose how many participants should be displayed on the page.
  • Limit Options – the limit options for the limit box (comma separated). The numbers should be multiple to the count of participants per page.
  • Order – this option controls the default ordering of the participants. You can order by: Title Alphabetical, Ordering, Created Date, and Rating.
  • Order Direction – this option defines the default direction of the order: Ascending or Descending.
  • Pagination - show or hide pagination. Pagination provides page links at the bottom of the page that allow the user to navigate to additional pages. These are needed if the elements will not fit on one page.
  • Pagination Results - show or hide the information about the current page and total pages. For example: "Page 1 of 4".