Closing Contest

Contest closing can be made in manual or auto mode.

To close the contest in manual mode you should proceed to contest edit form and change the status to "Completed".

Contest Closing Parameters
Contest Layout Options

To automatically close the contest you should proceed to contest edit form and in the right sidebar set the "End date" parameter. When this date and time will come the contest status will be automatically set to "Completed".

Layout Options

When the competition is completed the entries with highest rating will be displayed separately from other entries. You can control the number of such entries with the "Entries per Result" parameter. It is located in the "Entries" tab of the component settings or individually for the specific contest in the "Layout Options" tab of the contest edit form.

Other entries have two display options:

  • Standard list
  • Grouping by field

The standard list is used by default.

Standard list

The entries are displayed as a list and are sorted by votes count (descending).

You can see an example of standard list on our demo website.

Grouping by field

In the grouping by field mode the entries are displayed as grouped by fiield value. For example, on entry form submission a user specifies their age and want to display the best entries for each of specified ages.

To set up grouping by field you should proceed to contest edit form and in the "Layout Options" tab select the necessary field in the "Grouping Field" parameter. "Entries per Field" parameter allows you to define the number of entries to display per one field.

You can see an example of grouping by field on our demo website.

Setting grand prix status

After the completion of the contest you can set the grand prix status to one of the entries. The entry with grand prix status will be displayed separately. You can also set the description for grand prix (an explanation why exactly this entry should be honoured by this status).

To set the grand prix status you should do the following:

  • Proceed to entry management section
  • Find the entry
  • Proceed to entry edit form
  • Set the value of the "Grand Prix" field to "Yes"
  • Optionally fill in the grand prix description

You can see an example of the grand prix on our demo website.