Field Types

NorrCompetition supports five field types.


This is the most important field type because it is used for designation of competition participants in the component and related extensions (modules and plugins).

It is not possible to create a competition without this field.

The value of this field will be used as alias in the URL and as the main visual participant’s identification: in the heading of participant’s page, in the page title, as a photo caption in the component and modules, in the list of search items and so on. In fact its behavior is quite similar to the 'Title' field of the core Joomla components.

For example, if you have a model’s competition then for this field it is better to use a participant fullname. If it is a pet’s competition then for this field you would use a pet name.


General text field.


Textarea field type is used for several lines of text entry.


Calendar field type is used for date time entry.


Checkbox allows a user to select one value. For example it could be used for confirmation with competition rules.


URL field type is used for displaying a link to specified URL.

Custom fields in NorrCompetition are not the content types, as it commonly used in most CCK. NorrCompetition is not a CCK component and that is why the implementation of custom fields is quite simple.