General Information


NorrCompetition is a photo and video voting contest extension. But that's not all.

NorrCompetition is designed for organising contests with voting and results display. The component has flexible settings allowing to organise various types of contests. There are 3 types that are included to the component at the moment:

  • Photo - voting for photos that users are uploading.
  • Video - voting for online videos. The following video providers are supported: Dailymotion, Instagram, Rutube, Vimeo, Vine, Wistia, Youtube.
  • Simple - voting for entries without media content. Basically your website visitors can vote for anything you can imagine: organization, brand etc.
The existing types of custom fields allow adjusting it for almost any situation. You can explore the full list of features on component page.

Entry area

The component can be widely used on various types of websites where a contest with online voting is needed. These are, but not limited to:

  • Model agencies
  • Women / men orientated sites
  • Parenting sites
  • Educational sites
  • Music websites
  • Amateur Communities (cars, pets, flowers)
  • Food and Gastronomy
  • City portals
  • etc.

NorrCompetition drastically increases communication with website users since the voting and the feedback increases visitors’ loyalty and encourage them to attract their friends to take part in voting. This also improves the dynamics of website visits.


NorrCompetition is a native Joomla! 3.8+ extension. The product has 100% open source code, does not include any encoded code fragments and also does not modify the Joomla core.

The main emphasis during the design of NorrCompetition was optimization and code quality, as well as matching the latest Joomla standards and features.

The main idea is extensibility, accessibility and flexibility. The structure of themes allows using the styles of different frontend frameworks such as Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3 and UIkit, override styles and layouts on a template level, what makes the component integration to any third party Joomla template an easy task.

The goal is to provide to end user (integrator) a product that solves common tasks and can be easily integrated with other Joomla templates and extensions without the need of connecting own frameworks or libraries.

Photos disclaimer

Models’ photos that are used on the demo website are not part of NorrCompetition extension and are not distributed in the installation package. Sample data photos (available during the installation) distributes under open source license.