Installation and Updates


Please read the following information before installation::

Difference between installation and update

Installation happens when no NorrCompetition components have previously been installed.

Update happens when the component has already been installed and you are trying to install it again. You must not remove the component and install it again to make an update. You just need to install a package using the Extension Manager and the update will happen.

Package contents

The installation package includes the following extensions:

  • Component
  • Content plugin which is needed for internal component operations

Separately you can download the following modules and plugins, that are the part of the package:

  • Participants module (entries module)
  • Competitions module (contests module)
  • Results module
  • Search plugin
  • Sitemap plugins (OSMap and MapX)
  • Notifications plugin


NorrCompetition is a component for Joomla and can be installed like any other extension using the Extension Manager in the administration area of your website. The installation procedure will take less than a minute.

For optimal component usage please make sure that your hosting environment meets minimal requirements.

To install the component login to Controle panel of your website then choose Extensions > Extension Manager > Install > Upload Package File tab.

After successful installation you will see the following screen:

NorrCompetition installation
NorrCompetition installation

You can see that the component creates a menu with menu items that are needed for correct operation. You can also install a sample data to explore the component’s features.

You can install Sample Data for further investigation how to set up the component. Read more: How to install sample data.


The update process does not differ from installation.

Please make sure that a new version of component is available on the NorrNext website and download it. Then install it as an regular extension. The package will overwrite the existing files.

In case you have modified any of the component’s code (for example default theme) your modifications will be erased on update. Please use template overrides for that.

Do not forget to make a backup of you website before the component update.


On component uninstallation the following content will be removed:

  • The component and the content plugin
  • The component menu (norrcompetition-menu) and its items (it it was not renamed or deleted previously)

Please note that the folder with photos will not be removed. So if you want to completely delete the contents of the component from your website, do not forget to delete the photos folder manually (the path is set in the general competition settings).