Technical Requirements

Please make sure that your server matches the minimal technical requirements of the current Joomla! version:

  • PHP 5.3.10+ (we recommend 5.4+). For multilingual support 5.4 is the minimal required version.
  • MySQL 5.0+ with InnoDB support. For optimal performance we recommend 5.5+.
  • Web-server: Apache 2.x+ (with mod_mysql, mod_xml and mod_zlib) or Nginx.

PHP settings

  • max_execution_time >= 30
  • memory_limit >= 16M (we recommend >= 64M because of photos manipulation)
  • safe_mode = off
  • upload_max_filesize >= 3M
  • DOM, JSON and Multibyte String support
  • GD or ImageMagick extension

Other requirements

NorrCompetition requires jQuery (version 1.11.2 or higher) which is included in Joomla 3 core by default. If you optimise your website and disable unnecessary scripts, please make sure that jQuery is not disabled. MooTools is not needed.