NorrCompetition Competitions

The module displays a list of competitions.

The module has the following settings:

Competitions Module Settings

Basic Options

  • Count - the competitions count to display.
  • Count Per Row - the competitions count to display per one row.
  • Title Length - if set then the title of the competition will be truncated till this value. You may set it when the title breaks the layout.
  • Category - the category from which the competitions should be displayed.
  • Status - the status of the competitions to display: All, Active or Completed.
  • Order - the ordering of the competitions: Title Alphabetical, Ordering, Created Date, Start Date or End Date.
  • Order Direction - the direction of the ordering: Ascending or Descending.

Competition Display Options

  • Image - show or hide the competition image.
  • Description - show or hide the description of the competition.
  • Information - show or hide the information about the competition. If this parameter is set to hide, then all parameters below will not make any effect.
  • Type – show or hide the type of the competition.
  • Category – show or hide the category of the competition.
  • Link Category - display the category title as a link to a category layout.
  • Status - show or hide the competition status.
  • Created Date - show or hide the created date of the competition.
  • Start Date - show or hide the start date of the competition.
  • End Date - show or hide the end date of the competition.
  • Voting Start Date - show or hide the voting start date.
  • Voting End Date - show or hide the voting end date.

Alternative Layout

In the advanced tab you should select the alternative layout that matches your theme in the component settings: default, bootstrap2, bootstrap3 or uikit.

Alternative Layout