NorrCompetition Grid

The module allows to filter entries by contests via cool grid effect.

NorrCompetition Grid module settings
NorrCompetition Grid settings
  • Count - Specify the entries count to display in module;
  • Title Length - if set then the title of the entry will be truncated till this value. You may set it when the title breaks the layout;
  • Contests - Select the contests which the entries should be displayed from. It is also the tags for the filter;
  • Order - Select the ordering for the entries. Rating, Ordering, Created Date, Random
  • Order Direction - Ascending or Descending


  • Use Filter - Show or Hide Filter
  • Show button 'All' - Show button 'All' in filter navigation (the button text is overridden in the ini file


  • Show 'Load More' - Show or Hide 'Load More' button. (the button text is overridden in the ini file
  • Display default - The number of items loaded by default. Enter 0 if you need show all at once;
  • Load on - How many elements will be uploaded every time;
  • Use Sorting - Show or Hide Sorting;
  • Default - Sort button by default;
  • Name - Sort button by name;
  • Reverse Name - Use sorting by name in reverse order;
  • Rating -Sort button by rating;
  • Reverse Rating - Use sorting by rating in reverse order;
  • Latest - Sort button by latest;
  • Reverse Latest - Use sorting by latest in reverse order;
  • Random - Random sorting;


  • Filter class - additional class suffix;
  • Filter Nav class - additional class suffix for filter navigation;
  • Sorting Nav Class - additional class suffix for sorting navigation;


  • Columns - the number of columns in the grid;

Main Layout Settings

  • Image - Show or hide the image of the participant;
  • Image Size - Size image of the participant. Big, Medium, Small
  • Image Link - Use link in image at the participant;
  • Lightbox - Use lightbox link in image instead the participant;
  • Lightbox Image Size - Select size image for lightbox. Big, Medium, Small
  • Title - Show or hide the title of the participant;
  • Title Link - Use link in title at the participant;
  • Tags - Show or hide the tag of the participant;
  • Tag Link - Use link in tag at the participant;
  • Rating - Show or hide the rating of the participant;

Overlay Layout Settings

  • Use Overlay - Use Overlay for image of the participant

Alternative Layout

In the advanced tab you should select the alternative layout that matches your theme in the component settings: default, bootstrap2, bootstrap3 или uikit.

Alternative Layout
Alternative Layout