NorrCompetition Results

The module displays the results of completed contest by defined field or displays the entry with grand prix status.

If you want to display the best participants of completed competition you should use NorrCompetition Participants module for that and set up the ordering by rating.

The module has the following settings:

Results Module Settings
Results Module Settings

Basic Options

  • Mode - the mode for the module.
    Field - the entries will be displayed based on the selected field value.
    Grand prix - the entry with the grand prix status will be displayed.
  • Contest - the contest which the entries should be displayed from.
  • Show Votes - show or hide the votes for entry.

Grand Prix Mode Options

Description - show or hide the description of the grand prix.

Field Mode Options

  • Count - the entries count to display.
  • Count Per Row - the entries count to display per one row.
  • Title Length - if set then the title of the entry will be truncated till this value. You may set it when the title breaks the layout.
  • Order - the ordering of the entries: Rating, Ordering or Created Date.
  • Order Direction - the direction of the ordering: Ascending or Descending.

Alternative Layout

In the advanced tab you should select the alternative layout that matches your theme in the component settings: default, bootstrap2, bootstrap3 or uikit.

Alternative Layout
Alternative Layout