Votes Log

Votes log allows you to see the votes for participants. To see the votes you can use the item in the sidebar navigation or the icon on the Control Panel as you can see from the screen shot below:

Votes Icon

Also you can use the menu Components > NorrCompetition > Votes.

You will see the list of votes:

Votes List

By default votes for last 30 days are displayed in the list.


On the list above the table columns are divided to:

  • Checkbox – allows you to select elements for actions.
  • Participant - the title of the participant.
  • Competition– the title of the competition.
  • User – a user who has voted.
  • Vote time – the date and time of vote.
  • IP - IP address of the voter.
  • User-Agent - browser version of the voter. The full data about User-Agent is available on hover.
  • ID – sorting by unique ID.

On the top there is a filter for the quick search by participant title and filter by vote period.


You can perform the following actions by utilizing the toolbar at the top:

  • Export - allows you to export filtered votes to CSV file.
  • Delete - allows you to quickly delete selected votes.