NorrCompetition Profile Link

This plugin adds link to submitter profile and provides integration to different Joomla extensions. When you clicking on user's name, you will be redirected to user's profile. It is useful for community driven sites.

The plugin has a param where you can select the source (extension) for integration.

1.1. Plugin tab

NorrCompetition NorrCompetition Profile Link settings
  • Source - Select the source which will create the link to profile. Available options: EasySocial, JomSocial, Joomla Contacts, Kunena

1.2. Result on front-end

NorrCompetition Profile link at participant's page
Profile link at participant's page

2.1. Download Key tab

This feature allow to get an update of the plugin via back-end in few clicks. Set your download key to enable the update using Joomla! Update System. You can find the key in your NorrCompetition subscription on the NorrNext website.

Read official tutorial: How to enable one-click update for NorrNext commercial extensions