2Checkout Inline for Phoca Cart

1. Getting Started

This payment plugin provides integration of 2Checkout to Phoca Cart - a Joomla e-commerce component. 2Checkout is a payment service that provides global payments over 200 markets and let you to maximise online sales.


  • Joomla 3.6.x+
  • Phoca Cart 3.0+
  • Valid SSL certificate

SSL certificate is highly recommended to use to ensure card details of your customers are safe.

Note: 2Checkout payment platform offer several checkout experience to receive funds: Standard, Payment API and Inline. This plugin operates as 2Checkout Inline.

2. 2Checkout Dashboard Settings

First of all, you must configure 2Checkout user account and take some settings from there. Sign in to 2Checkout Dashboard, then go to Account > Site Management

There are important settings that must be filled:

  • Demo Setting (Yes, No or Parameter)
  • URL: required parameter. You are able to enter URL one time, so be careful.
  • Pricing currency - set the correct currency
  • Refund Policy and Privacy Policy - refer to your site URLs
  • Direct Return - must be selected to Header Redirect (Your URL)
  • Approved URL - the field must be empty
  • Secret Word - enter your secret word
2Checkout Dashboard settings
2Checkout Dashboard settings

If you want to start with Sandbox, do not forget to enter URL of your dev site during registration the sandbox account.

2Checkout Dashboard settings
2Checkout Dashboard settings
Approved URL field must be empty!

Save the changes.

3. Plugin installation

2Checkout Inline for Phoca Cart can be installed as typical Joomla extension. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the plugin. Go to Administrator panel > Extensions > Manage > Install and select the package downloaded from NorrNext site.

4. Adding new payment method in Phoca Cart

After successful installation of 2Checkout Inline payment plugin, you need to add a new payment method in Phoca Cart.

Phoca cart - add payment method
Phoca cart - add payment method

Click on New button in the toolbar to create a new payment method.

Creating 2Checkout payment method in Phoca Cart
Creating 2Checkout payment method in Phoca Cart

General Options tab

  • Title - Payment method title
  • Cost - Set Shipping cost. E.g. 2€ for packing
  • Tax Rate - select tax rate (to be created at Taxes section)
  • Calculation Type - set calculation type (Percentage or Fixed)
  • Default - set this payment method as default (Yes / No)
  • Payment Method - Select 2Checkout Inline value
  • Image - set up image for this payment method (2CO logo)
  • Ordering - set item ordering
  • Access - The access level group that is allowed to view this item
  • Customer Group - set Customer Groups this payment type is available to

The following tabs are standard to each payment method:

Amount Rule tab

  • Lowest Amount - Set lowest amount
  • Highest Amount - Set highest amount
  • Amount Rule Active - Yes / No

Country rule tab

  • Countries - here you can select multiple countries for which this payment method will work
  • Country Rule Active - set Yes if country rule will be active. If you don't want to limit this payment method by countires, set it to No

Regions rule tab

  • Regions - set region or regions
  • Region Rule Active - Set if region rule will be active

Shipping rule tab

  • Shipping - Set shipping method(s)
  • Shipping Rule Active - Set if shipping rule will be active

And the following tab is related to selected 2Checkout method, so you must fill it correctly.

Payment Method Options tab

2Checkout Payment Method Options in Phoca Cart
2Checkout Payment Method Options

Note: this payment method does not support rounding of total amount (calculation) to 0 or 1 symbols after the comma.

  • Sandbox mode - set it to Yes if you need sandbox enabled.

Order Statuses

  • Payment Completed - set which status the order will get after the successful payment. By default it is completed.
  • Payment Failed - set the status for failed payment. By default it is cancelled.

Live Environment Options

  • Seller ID - must be taken from your live 2Checkout account
  • Secret Word - must be taken from your live 2Checkout account

Test Environment Options

For testing purposes you can use 2Checkout sandbox site and enable logging in Phoca Cart options that will save all necessary information about proceeded payments to Joomla system log file.

Publishing Options tab

  • Published - set the status of the payment method: published or unpublished

5. Configuring the plugin

5.1. Download Key tab

The plugin has the only setting:

 2Checkout Inline Payment plugin for Phoca Cart - Download Key tab
Download Key tab

This feature allow to get an update of the plugin via back-end in few clicks. Set your download key to enable the update using Joomla! Update System. You can find the key in your 2Checkout Inline for Phoca Cart subscription on the NorrNext website.

If you set the key for the first time or have changed it, please click on the Update Key button to save it for Joomla! Update System.

Read official tutorial: How to enable one-click update for NorrNext commercial extensions

Make sure the plugin is enabled!

6. FAQ

Does 2Checkout support payment via PayPal?
Yes, if customer has the same e-mail account in PayPal and at your site, a special PayPal button will be appeared during checkout.

Can I use 2Checkout standard mode?
No. This plugin operates with Inline mode only.

What does ERROR CODE:PE101 means?
In rarely cases some users can get such error which means that the bank of 2Checkout has refused the payment. In such case it’s better to repeat the payment after some time or use the card issued by another bank.

There is no popup window with iframe when I attempting to pay. I am being redirected to external 2Checkout page.
It happens when some required params are missing. Examples:

  • The order has an amount different from the order total
  • There is different currency in Phoca Cart and 2Checkout
  • Wrong site URL at 2Checkout dashboard
  • Wrong seller ID
  • You have disabled sandbox mode and forgot to add live seller ID
  • Direct return field is not empty in 2CO live account (see recommendations above).

Please, check out all settings as in Phoca Cart so in 2Checkout user account carefully.