Posts Pinger for Kunena

1. Short overview

Posts Pinger for Kunena is a plugin that send XML-RPC pings to update services and can help with fast indexation of the content and grow up the traffic.

2. Installation

Posts Pinger for Kunena can be easily installed as a typical Joomla extension via Extension Manager. Just go to Admin panel > Extensions manager > Install extension and select the package. Then click on “Install” and it’s done.

System requirements

The plugin works fine on the following configuration:

  • PHP 5.4+
  • Kunena 5.1+
  • Joomla 3.9+


English and Russian localisation are included by default.

Posts Pinger for Kunena will be installed as Kunena plugin and automatically disabled. At the next step you must configure the plugin and enable it.

Updating the plugin

Posts Pinger for Kunena has the standard procedure of updating as any Joomla extension. Just install the package over existing plugin and all files will be overwritten.

3. Configuring the plugin

After successful installation of the plugin, go to Extensions > Plugins Manager and find “Posts Pinger for Kunena” which is ping element and disabled by default. The plugin has two tabs. First tab called “Plugin” has the main settings.

Select Category - here you can select the categories which content should be pinged. By default there is “All categories” parameter, but you can select required categories manually.

Servers - there are two update servers included to Posts Pinger for Kunena by default: Google and Ping-o-Matic which supports 9 update services including search engines:

You can add more services (see the list in the documentation below), but we recommend to add no more than 5 services to avoid performance issues.

Learn more: Updated WordPress Ping List 2018

Ping new posts only? (Yes / No). This parameter allows to choose should plugin ping new posts and topics only or ping also edited content too. Set to “Yes” if you want to ping only new content or set “No” if you want to ping new and edited posts.

Second tab is “Developer mode”. It has only parameter “Show log messages on the front-end”.

Do not forget to enable the plugin after setting up.

4. F.A.Q.

Q: I added Google server and got the following error:

server [url-or-the-server] return status: HTTP/1.0 404

A: You made a mistake in service name or its URL is out-of-date. Please verify the server name and correct it according to its actual URL. See the list of Update servers.

Q: I added a list of servers which I get on the Internet and now forum is working slow.

A: Each server ping requires time for performing, thus more servers you add, more time it’ll require to finish the ping process. Do not add too many servers since it takes affect on performance. We recommend to use not more than 5 servers for pinging. 2-3 server URLs are optimal.

Q: Where to get a list of Update Services to ping?

A: You can add additional XML-RPC Ping Services to ping them about your updates. Get the list here:

Also there are some alternative ping services:

  • Feed Shark which pings over 60 services for free.
  • Feedburner users can use the Feedburner Pingshot service, which will alert most popular ping services.

Q: Developer mode is enabled and is displaying the following message:

Failure, Pinging too fast. Slow down cowboy. Please ping no more than once every 5 minutes.

A: It’s a limitation of service, so you cannot ping content faster than once per a 5 minutes. You can just ignore it.