Topics Auto Closer for Kunena

1. Overview

Topics Auto Closer for Kunena is a plugin which can move topics without new posts to trash or to lock them. You can set up period of time after reaching of which the plugin performs an action. An e-mail about the action will be send to topic author.

This is an useful add-on for moderation since it can automatically close or remove topics without reply. The plugin also supports Cron job to proceed database search on server side which is good for high-loaded websites.

2. Installation

The installation process of this plugin is typical for Joomla: you should go to Control panel > Extensions > Extensions manager > Install.


  • Joomla 3.x+
  • Kunena 5.1+

After successful installation the plugin is disabled, so you must find and enable it.

3. Configuring the plugin

The plugin has the following settings:

Start time. You can specify the time to launch the process when the plugin runs. Topics Auto Closer for Kunena takes time for searching within database table, so it's recommended to set up night time (i.e. 4:30) for best performance.

Period of topics closing. You can set up period of time to reach and start action. For instance you can set up 5 days. Topics with posts wich older than 5 days will be locked or removed.

Action. The following parameters are available:

  • Lock. The topic will be available to read, but locked for further posting.
  • Move to trash. Move topic to trash. You can restore it via Kunena back-end.
  • Remove topics from Database. Complete removing outdated topics from database.

Categories. Here you can select which categories should be proceeded. By default it is set to All categories.

Send notification on e-mail (Yes / No). Author of the topic will receive a notification on e-mail about an action with their topic.