General Information

Remote storage feature allows you to store the media that is uploaded for entries on the various remote storage services like AWS S3, Dropbox etc.

This feature was added in version 1.8.0 of the component and is based on the code of Flysystem by The League of Extraordinary Packages and Flysystem for Joomla by Roberto Segura.

To enable this feature two steps should be done:

  • Configure the options for remote storage. Read more in Component Options.
  • Install and configure at least one remote storage plugin:

When both steps are done the media will start to sync with the selected remote storage. This happens automatically right after the entry is saved. If something fails and some of the media files are not synced you should not worry:

  • Component always presume that media is not synced and first tries to display it from the local storage. If file not found then it tries to display it from the remote storage.
  • Component will automatically sync media on the background when you proceed to the list of entries in administrator area. This ensures that all media will have a succesfull sync status.