What is Pagekit?

Pagekit is a brand new content management system. It accords modern web and PHP technologies such as Symfony components and Doctrine developed by web experts. This CMS is flexible and modular with a configurable architecture. Pagekit also serves as a web application framework and can be used as a great platform for extension and theme developers.


  • Configurable dashboard
  • HTML Editor
  • Sensible design
  • Built-in Marketplace
  • Core updates from back-end
  • SEF URLs and rooting
  • Default Blog extension with comments
  • Users, permissions, access control list
  • Widgets
  • Navigation with endless nesting
  • Simple localization
  • and many others.


  • Symfony Components
  • Doctrine
  • Pimple
  • Guzzle
  • jQuery
  • Mustache
  • RequireJS
  • Swift Mailer
  • UIkit

PHP extensions:

  • Session extension
  • SimpleXML extension
  • PDO extension with MySQL drivers
  • mbstring extension
  • Tokenizer extension
  • JSON extension
  • cURL extension
  • ZIP extension
  • ctype extension
  • PCRE extension (version above 8.0)

System requirements:

  • PHP Version above 5.4
  • MySQL Server above 5.1
  • Apache above 2.2 or nginx


Pagekit is distributed under the MIT license and it’s free. Moreover, you are allowed to redistribute it, share or customize as per your needs. You can use the GPL, MIT or another license for your products.

Open Source

Pagekit is an Open Source project by YOOtheme released in June, 2014 after two-year development period. It is open for all and hosted on GitHub. Pagekit has been drawing attention of the PHP developers who consider this CMS one of the most trending PHP projects.

Exciting Technology

Pagekit CMS is built on top of reliable and modern Open Source frameworks like Doctrine, Symfony components and others. It follows the basic coding standard PSR-1, controls dependencies with Composer and enhances such features like namespaces, class autoloading, and others.

Built-in Marketplace

Marketplace of Pagekit creates a thriving theme and extension ecosystem. This built-in market can give you all you need to enhance your site including both premium extensions and free products. If you want to publish and share your extensions here, it will take just a moment.

Pagekit is a newly released CMS focused on simplicity and built on top of modern technologies. You can easily extend it and enjoy its efficiency.