Stripe for Phoca Cart

1. Getting Started

This plugin provides integration of Stripe the processing and payment service to Phoca Cart - e-commerce extension for Joomla. Using Stripe your business can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies. More details can be found at product page.

System Requirements:

  • Joomla 3.7+
  • Phoca Cart 3.1+
  • Valid SSL certificate

SSL certificate is highly recommended to use to ensure card details of your customers are safe.

2. Stripe Dashboard settings

Sign in to Stripe dashboard and proceed to Developers > API keys.

Get API keys in Stripe dashboard
Get API keys in Stripe dashboard

You need API keys for live and test environment. These keys should be added to Phoca cart payment method settings.


Now it is time to set up Webhooks. Proceed to Stripe Dashboarc > Developers > Webhooks, then click on Add Endpoint button.

Add Endpoint in Stripe dashboard
Add Endpoint in Stripe dashboard

There the following params:

  • URL to be called: the URL can be taken from Phoca Cart payment method settings. Read more.
  • Webhook version: set the latest version.
  • Filter event: set Send all event types.

The Webhook has been created. Now click on it and you will get its settings:

Get Webhook Secret in Stripe dashboard
Get Webhook Secret in Stripe dashboard

Find Click to reveal button and copy the Webhook Secret for further usage in Phoca Cart payment method.

3. Plugin installation

Stripe for Phoca Cart can be installed as a typical Joomla extension. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the plugin. Proceed to Administrator panel > Extensions > Manage > Install and select the package downloaded from NorrNext site.Then go to plugins and enable Stripe for Phoca Cart plugin.

4. Adding new payment method in Phoca Cart

There are several tabs with settings. Let's look on each tab.

4.1. General Options tab

Stripe General Options
Stripe General Options
  • Title - Payment method title
  • Cost - Set Shipping cost. E.g. 2€ for packing
  • Tax Rate - select tax rate (to be created at Taxes section)
  • Calculation Type - set calculation type (Percentage or Fixed)
  • Default - set this payment method as default (Yes / No)
  • Payment Method - Select Stripe for Phoca Cart value
  • Image - set up image for this payment method (2CO logo)
  • Ordering - set item ordering
  • Access - The access level group that is allowed to view this item
  • Customer Group - set Customer Groups this payment type is available to

The following tabs are standard to each payment method:

4.2. Amount Rule tab

  • Lowest Amount - Set lowest amount
  • Highest Amount - Set highest amount
  • Amount Rule Active - Yes / No

4.3. Country rule tab

  • Countries - here you can select multiple countries for which this payment method will work
  • Country Rule Active - set Yes if country rule will be active. If you don't want to limit this payment method by countires, set it to No

4.4. Regions rule tab

  • Regions - set region or regions
  • Region Rule Active - Set if region rule will be active

4.5. Shipping rule tab

  • Shipping - Set shipping method(s)
  • Shipping Rule Active - Set if shipping rule will be active

The following tab is related to the selected Stripe method, so you must fill it correctly.

4.6. Payment Method Options tab

Stripe Payment Method Options
Stripe Payment Method Options
  • Sandbox Mode - If Sandbox Mode is enabled, no real money are transfered. Sandbox is used to test the payments.

Order Statuses

  • Payment Completed - Select the order status that will be applied based on successfull payment transaction result. By default it is Completed
  • Payment Failed - Select the order status that will be applied based on failed payment or error during transaction processing. By default it is Cancelled.
  • Payment Cancelled - Select the order status that will be applied based on cancelled payment or error during transaction processing. By default it is Cancelled.

API Keys

Stripe Payment Method Options - API Keys
API Keys and Webhook settings
  • Publishable Key - Set your Publishable Key. You can find it in Stripe Dashboard > Developers > API keys.
  • Secret Key - Set your Secret Key. You can find it in Stripe Dashboard > Developers > API keys.
  • Webhook Secret - Set your Webhook Signing Secret. You can find it in Stripe Dashboard > Developers > Webhooks.
  • Webhook URL - a URL to paste in Stripe dashboard. Example:

Where is - set up your domain and make sure you have a valid SSL certificate. You need to copy this URL and paste it in Stripe dashboard > Webhooks.

Note: API keys are required fields to save the configuration. Fill them if even you are going to use sandbox mode.

API Test Keys

  • Publishable Key - Set your test Publishable Key. You can find it in Stripe Dashboard.
  • Secret Key - Set your test Secret Key. You can find it in Stripe Dashboard.
  • Webhook Secret - Set your Webhook Signing Secret. You can find it in Stripe Dashboard > Developers > Webhooks.

4.7. Publishing Options tab

  • Published - set the status of the payment method: published or unpublished

5. Configuring the plugin

5.1. Download Key tab

The plugin has the only option:

Download key tab
Download key tab

This feature allow to get an update of the plugin via back-end in few clicks. Set your download key to enable the update using Joomla! Update System. You can find the key in your Stripe for Phoca Cart subscription on the NorrNext website.

If you set the key for the first time or have changed it, please click on the Update Key button to save it for Joomla! Update System.

Read official tutorial: How to enable one-click update for NorrNext commercial extensions

Make sure the plugin is enabled!

6. F.A.Q.

Does your plugin support 3D Secure?

Yes, 3D Secure is implemented automatically if it is provided by the bank which has issued the debit/credit card.

The payment is successful in Phoca Cart, but it has pending status in Stripe dashboard.

You missed Webhooks settings. Please, get Webhook URL and add it to Stripe settings.

How can I test payments?

Enable Sandbox mode, add test API keys and use Test card numbers and tokens or Testing 3D Secure payments.

Stripe accept extra payments methods as iDEAL, Klarna, Sofortüberweisung, Apple Pay and other. How I can add them?

Stripe plugin accepting payments via cards. There are no additional payment methods at the moment. We can implement it as a custom task.

7. Template customization

You can change colors and design of the plugin using template overrides in Joomla.

The path to the files: /plugins/pcp/stripe/tmpl/ Here are the folloing files: elements_style.php and stripe.php which can be customized via the template override.

How to Create Template Overrides for Joomla Plugins

7.1 Dark colors

Add custom CSS to your Joomla template:

.stripe-payment-form .card-container {background-color:#222}
.stripe-payment-form fieldset {background:#555}
.stripe-payment-form fieldset legend {color:#fff}

Open elements_style.php and change color: "#32325D", to color: "#999",

You will get the following result:

Stripe for Phoca Cart - override styles to get dark colors
Dark colors

8. Stripe API Update

We do the best to update the plugin to compy to the latest version of Stripe API which supposedly updates a few times per year. We are operating with Stripe API via calls in the code, however, Stripe will continue to send webhook messages in the format based on the API version set in your Stripe Dashboard.

Every time you are going to update Stripe plugin for Phoca Cart, please sign in to your Stripe Dashboard and check out if there is an upgrade of the API available.

Steps to Update Your Stripe API Version

  • Sign in to your Stripe Dashboard
  • Proceed to “Developers”
  • Find the first box labeled as “API Version”.
  • If an update is available, the button at the top right of this box will be active. Click to upgrade your API Version.
Check which Stripe API version is supported
Stripe API version supported in the plugin

Check your Stripe API
Check your Stripe API

Note: Make sure your Stripe API version is identical to API used in the payment plugin!

If you see there is a new Stripe API version available in the dashoboard and our plugin uses the previous version - do not upgrade Stripe API and await the new version of our plugin which will include an update of Stripe API.