2GIS Maps for ZOO

Getting started

This is a detailed documentation on 2GIS Map element for ZOO. 2GIS is a bussiness listings, router navigator and well detailed map service. It offers the implementation of maps on web pages, so here is an element for ZOO CCK providing full support of 2GIS Maps API.

The element is easy to configure and it can be a very useful interactive addition on your web page.


2Gis Map element for ZOO can be installed as a typical Joomla! extension via Extension Manager. Proceed to Back-end > Extension Manager > Upload package file tab > Upload & Install Joomla! extension.

When the package is successfully installed, you have to go to ZOO administration panel and set up the element.

Update. A newer version can be installed over existing element via standard installation procedure. All files will be overwritten and you will get the up-to-date version.


Open ZOO start page in Joomla! back-end and open Apps manager (click on configuration icon):


Then select your App (i.e. Blog) where you’d like to add Map element.


In the left side you’ll see a first column called Name. Select the name you’d like to configure the element for. Let it be an Article. Move cursor over this name and you’ll see "Edit elements" link above it. Click on it.


Now the element manager is displayed. On the right side you’ll find Element Library and group called NorrNext. Click on 2Gis Map item there and the new element will be added and appear on the left side. Let’s explore its settings.

If you are not familiar how to manage ZOO elements, here is a guide: Assigning ZOO elements to Apps

2GIS Maps element parameters:

  • Repeatable - [No / Yes] - Set to Yes if you need more than one marker
  • Map Skin - [Dark / Light] - Template style (skin) of a map
  • Map Height (px) - Height of a map in pixels
  • Map Wight (px) - Width of a map in pixels. If you need to create a full width map, just set this value to 0 - it's equal to 100%
  • Map Zoom - Set zoom level of a map
  • Map Max Zoom - Maximum level of Map Zoom
  • Map Min Zoom - Minimal level of Map Zoom
  • Map Dragging - [No / Yes] - Enable or disable Map dragging feature
  • Map Touch Zoom - [No / Yes] - Change Zoom using two fingers on touch-devices
  • Map Scroll Zoom - [No / Yes] - Change Map Zoom using mouse scroll
  • Map Double Click Zoom - [No / Yes] - Change Map Zoom with double click using left mouse button
  • Map Box Zoom - [No / Yes] - Change Map Box Zoom selecting rectangular area on the map by holding down the shift key
  • Map Track Resize - [No / Yes] - Map resizing when a window size is changed in the browser
  • Map Close Popup On Click - [No / Yes]- Close pop up window (balloon messages) on click
  • Map Bounce at Zoom Limits - [No / Yes] - This option allows to set up animaiton of Map bounce when zooming with fingers on touch devices at minimal / maximal zoom levels
  • Map Geoclicker - [No / Yes] - Enable geocoding on click (geoclicker). If the param is set to No, then the information about any map object (streets, buildings, bus stations) won't be displayed on click
  • Map Zoom Control - [No / Yes] - Enable Map Zoom control element
  • Map Fullscreen Control - [No / Yes] - Map Fullscreen Control. When clicking on this button, the map of the area will be deployed on full browser window
  • Map Ruler Control - [No / Yes] - Enable Map Ruler Control
  • Map Traffic Control - [No / Yes]- Enable Map Traffic Control. When this option is enabled, the traffic layer will be displayed on the map
  • Map Scale Control - [No / Yes] - Display Scale Control in metrical (metres, kilometres) and English (miles, feets) measurement systems
  • Map Location Control - [No / Yes]- When clicking on this button, the current visitor location will be displayed
2GIS Maps for ZOO - element settings
Element settings

2GIS Maps for ZOO - element settings
Element settings

Map Settings override

Threre are two ways to edit options:

  • 1 - When element is installed - these settings will take effect at all maps by default.
  • 2 - When you create a content item and can override default settings of the current map element. For example, map height is 400px, but in article editing you can override this param to 300px. It can be very useful. The default settings are already configured, but in some cases it's enough to change just a few or all parameters for the article to get new result.

Markers Set

2GIS Maps for ZOO - adding the marker
2GIS Maps for ZOO - adding the marker

If you set Repeatable param to Yes in global settings, then you can add multiple markers (balloons) on the map. The marker (balloon) have the following parameters:

  • Coordinates of the Marker - Just two fields (latitude and longitude)
  • Draggable - [No / Yes] - Ability to drag marker
  • Choose Icon - [Default Icon / Blue / Green / Red / Orange / Pink / Purple / Dark / Yellow] - you can choose the preferable icon by default or use an icon from the icon set
  • Tooltip - A tooltip that appears on hover. You cannot use HTML tags here.
  • Balloon - A description that appears when you click on the balloon icon. HTML tags are allowed here.

Important restrictions:

Although we have provided settings for constructing an API query string, there are some restictions of use:
  • 1. You cannot use two or more maps with different Map Skin parameters at the same page since it's contrary to the principles of the 2GIS Maps service. Although you can change / override this parameter on two different pages. If you're using two or more maps within the same page, please note Map Skin parameter should be equal for all maps within the content of this page.
  • 2. Read the 2GIS Maps license agreement: In Russian | In English

How to define coordinates

To get coordinates of required geo-locations you can use the following page from 2GIS infrastructure to get object or map location coordinates at the map. You can change zoom and scale and drag'n'drop marker to get required coordinate: Working with markers (in Russian)

We recommend to use independet service http://www.mapcoordinates.net to get required coordinates (langitude and longitude) typing the geolocation name.

Find 2GIS in your country

2GIS service is presented in 8 countries with domains in each national zone. In order to find the object you are interested in a particular country, it is necessary to visit the appropriate site: