AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition

Earn and spend AUP points with NorrCompetition

Using this pack you can perform certain NorrCompetition actions and convert them into points handled by AltaUserPoints / AlphaUserPoints (AUP). This opens powerful capabilities to set up the rules according to your requirements and use the power of points system. You can monetize competitions and earn money using this pack together with Buy Points With Paypal for AltaUserPoints plugin.

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Extension: Module
Version: 1.2.1
Type: Commercial
Compatibility: 3.6.*

What is AltaUserPoints? (AUP)

AlphaUserPoints and its fork AltaUserPoints (AUP) are revolutionary user points and ranking applications combining social rewards technology and marketing tool which opens great opportunities to extend your site. AUP assigns user points, rewards and performs various actions according to user behaviour. These benefits can be used in competitions to increase social interaction according to the rules.

What is this package for?

This package can be used to assign AUP points to users for actions they perform in NorrCompetition. Using the AltaUserPoints / AlphaUserPoints power and combining our package with other component rules you can reward users with medals and change their ranks, assign them to a new user group, let them to spend points for actions they perform within voting contest, get payout for earned points, get e-commerce items and more - this is what the points system does and what you can do by combining this package with other AUP rules.

AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition

The release includes a NorrCompetition integration plugin and the kit of various rules for AltaUserPoints / AlphaUserPoints. Below is the list of the rules that comes with the package:

View actions rules:

  • plgaup_nc_view_competition_completed - assign points to the user for viewing closed competition
  • plgaup_nc_view_competition_active - assign points to the user for viewing active competition
  • plgaup_nc_view_participant_completed - assign points to the user for viewing participant in closed competition
  • plgaup_nc_view_participant_active - assign points to the user for viewing participant in active competition

User actions rules:

  • plgaup_nc_vote_user - assign points to user for a vote
  • plgaup_nc_vote_submitter - assign points to submitter for vote for his participant
  • plgaup_nc_view_participant_active_submitter - assign points to participant's sumbitter for viewing his participant in active competition
  • plgaup_nc_view_participant_completed_submitter - assign points to participant's sumbitter for viewing his participant in closed competition

It's important for us to get feedback on the product: your ideas and suggestions.

  • AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition Options
  • AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition Options
  • AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition Options

Rules Settings

NorrCompetition rules can be imported and configured as typical AUP rules. The settings are easy to configure - you can set up name and description of the rule, set up scores and permissions and select method to assign points:

  • Unique function name: enter an unique function name for this rule e.g. plgaup_nc_view_competition_active
  • User level: set up permission for the rule
  • Points: attrib x points to this rule
  • Fixed points: choose if points are fixed or unknown
  • Percentage: param to set up percentage if needed
  • Display activity:display the activity on the front-end
  • Method: select the method to assign posts

Monetize your competitions and start earning!

This integration plugin will help you to monetize competitions using AUP rules kit that can be configured to subtract / add points per specified action. The user must have enough points on the account to start voting and his balance can be refilled with 3rd party AUP add-on. As well user can earn points and winner can convert points to e-commerce items or to real payout. This all depends on specifications and your imagination.

Here are AUP add-ons that will help you with monetization:

To credit AUP points on user balance you need a comercial add-on from 3rd party provider.

  • AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition
  • AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition
  • AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition
  • Perform action for view
  • Perform action for submitting
  • Competitions monetization
  • Compatible to latest AUP version
  • Set up expiration date
  • Set up points for action
  • Select method to assign points
  • Enable fixed points / percentage
  • Display activity

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Updates & Changelog

Version 1.0.0 - 2015-06-07

New Added Initial Release