Frequently Asked Questions

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What benefits does joining the NorrNext offer?

The immediate benefits of becoming a NorrNext member are the ability to download all existing extensions and entitling you to professional support in our user forums. Active members may also get discounts on our partner’s products. This is a little bonus for those who want to buy another solution in addition at a lower price.

What are the differences between Personal, Business, and Developer subscription plans?

A Personal subscription plan will suit best the person working on a personal level. It will get six months access to the download area and to the support forum, however this plan is limited to one domain. A Business subscription plan will get extended 12-month period of access to the support services and to the download area. It can be used for three different domains and will be optimal for small businesses. A Developer subscription plan also gets 12 months of access to the download area and support forums, but it allows for use of unlimited licenses for domains. This plan is the best decision for those who are involved in web development and for development studios.

How can I get my own account?

For creating a free account go to pricing page, choose “Free subscription” plan and finalize it. It will enable you to get access to our free products and access to their free support services. If you would like to get premium extension along with the first purchase, you should sign in. After entering all user data you will get to a payment processor. Once the payment has successfully done, the account gets activated.

Am I allowed to change the code?

Yes, you can change or customize our extensions. All NorrNext products are realized under the license of GPL v3 as an Open Source Software, therefore you are allowed to customize our products to meet your needs. However, please note that we do not support modified code.

Is removing copyright area from the footer possible?

Yes, you can do that trough backend, and it’s easy. Go to extension dashboard, find Copyright removal parameter in settings and switch it off.

What steps should I take to download my extension?

After successful payment you’ll be forwarded to the download page where you should see your license. If you are not forwarded for some reason, please login to our site. On the bottom menu, there’s a link to “My Account/Downloads.” Click on it and enter your domain for download. It also gives you access to the downloads page. If you still cannot see the license, wait for five minutes and then refresh the page. And if it still didn’t help, please contact our support.

Is there any limit of downloads?

Downloads are unlimited during your membership, so you can download non-limited amount of the extensions as long as your subscription lasts. Downloads will be restricted after the expiry of your subscription.

How can I download an upgrade?

You can get the latest version at any moment on "My Downloads" page.

What is a domain license? Are sub-domains considered separate domains?

A domain license is considered any separate installation of Joomla! with the exception of developmental sites. Sub-domains are counted as separate domains. If you have three installations of Joomla! using our commercial extensions, your membership should allow for not less than three domains.

Can I add more domains after the expiry of subscription?

No, it will not be possible. But all domains that have been registered and verified have life-time license for such products. It works for memberships with the domains registration requirement for usage and support.

Can I use commercial extensions on multiple domains?

Yes, you can use NorrNext extensions on multiple domains, but the technical support for domains will always be provided in accordance with the terms of subscription plan.

Am I allowed to share my username? Can my account be suspended?

We allow one buyer to use one username and password with limited quantity of IP addresses which should not exceed five. Suspension of your account will happen automatically at any attempt to share the username and password. Your account will be suspended immediately once you make more download traffic logs than allowed.

Can I re-sell NorrNext extensions?

No, you cannot re-sell our products. However, you are allowed to customize extensions to meet your clients’ needs or use them on clients’ sites.

Is it possible to purchase custom setup or modification for premium extensions?

Yes, you can go to Paid work section in our forum and hire a specialist for customizing the component or other needs.

What CMS version are you using?

All Joomla! extensions will have been built using Joomla! 3.x and later. We do not support any earlier versions such as Joomla! 2.5.

Where can I ask support questions about NorrNext extensions?

You should post your questions about all NorrNext products in our moderated forum board under the board relating to the enquired product. Each extension is entitled to a specific board.