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6 months 2 weeks ago #3873 by Saleena
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Specific Browser Issue was created by Saleena
Hello Everyone, Yet, it does not always work:
On PC (Win10 - 19.0.3)
- with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge, it works perfectly;
- with Safari, I do not have folders and files displayed. The page is almost white.

On iPad (ios 13.1.2)
- With Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari, folders do not open and no scrolling of the elevator.

By the way, if I use as protection aesecure, on PC with Firefox I get error 310 - attempt to fix the ID of the session PHP and on iPad with Safari I get error 782 - Attempt to execute a attack called xss. So I had to neutralize in my .htaccess file lines 310 and 782 errors.

I specify that my site is in J3.9.12, PHP 7.2.22 and MySql 5.7.27
Kindly help me 
Regards: Diksha

6 months 2 weeks ago #3875 by Dmitry
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Are you talking about JMB Donation or Quantum Manager? For Quantum please submit issues here github.com/Quantum-Manager/tracker/issues

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