donate button to open in new browser

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donate button to open in new browser

Is it possible to have the submit button open in a new browser (blank) as I do not want to lose guests being navigated from my site.

Thank You.

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donate button to open in new browser

Hi Kevin,
You have to add _blank attribute to the form which might be performed via template override.
1. Copy this file /plugins/content/jmb_donation/layouts/form_paypal.php and paste it into /templates/[YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME]/html/plg_content_jmb_donation/layouts/ folder

2. Open form_paypal.php file and find this line:

<form class="jmb-donation-form-paypal uk-form form-inline" action="" method="post">
You need to add <strong>target="_blank"</strong> tag to the form as below:
<form class="jmb-donation-form-paypal uk-form form-inline" action="" method="post" target="_blank">

Save and try what's happened. The donation form should be opened in new tab.

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