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Good day

I wanted to know whether you can insert a color palette to just click on it to change the extension to the colors. I could clock with Entwikler made to use the contact form. and this was their response. JMB Tree. It's impossible to add color picker in the settings due to module's architecture and we guess two styles (black and white) are enough for free version of the module. But you can customize CSS manually and set up the right colors According to your requests. and I want now to know in Which CSS I can change it, and in which row and which I command must enter because I speak the language of CSS is not I'm a beginner blooded. You can help me.

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Hello Philipp,
We provide extensions as is and do not customize extensions for free according the request.
You can customize colors in CSS file manually which can be modified in next file: /modules/mod_jmb_tree/fields/tree.css
If you don't understand CSS, there is a Commercial Jobs where you can submit task for custom modification according the design requirements.

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You can get our help: Monday - Friday / 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT+2). but not limited. Our staff will be pleased to provide Premium support to every paid subscriber asap, but sometimes you should be ready to wait for our reply for up to 3 days. In case of free extensions we do the best to develop and maintain them either, but their support is not necessary.

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