Customization of NorrCompetition Component

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Customization of NorrCompetition Component

Hi Eugene,

my name is Igan Mich and I am working on a new portal side and need a Idea Competition Component, I liked what you guys did with the NorrCompetition, clan design and great functionality. For my project i want to create Problem/question based competition and the community should be able to respond with solutions. The solutions are text based results (two textfields and some other field regarding efforts. business case estimations) some field should be shown to the community others only to the competition owner. A upload functionality would be perfect add on as well.

I am as well very interested to integrate the competitions into the easy social feed as a app. As well the integration of points so joining a competition and so on, similar like you have it for AUP.

In addition to that i am always looking for for joomla developing task, please let me know if you do work outside of your component and willing to help me to setup a portal. Please let me know what are your costs on a hourly rate and what kind of work you guys do.

Thanks Igan

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Customization of NorrCompetition Component

Hello Igan!

Please find the answer in the email. Sorry for the delay!

Best regards,

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Customization of NorrCompetition Component

Hi Igan,
Thanks for your message.
I just been returned from vacations, but Dmitry already contacted you via e-mail.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards,

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