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Implement JCE Editor to NorrCompetition

1 year 7 months ago #1826
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Implement JCE Editor to NorrCompetition

Hi on NorrCompetition i want to have an editor etc jce editor on backed when adding entries to add text, videos images the same way we do on articles.
Is that possibleor even better a field with this option

1 year 7 months ago #1830
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Implement JCE Editor to NorrCompetition

Hi IanMag,
Thank you for your interest in extending the extension.
Another customer had asked about this feature earlier and we replied in this topic .

It would be hard to implement because JS scripts does not work when you are trying to load it via AJAX. That is how it works in our component.

Technically it is not impossible to get a universal solution and include any WYSIWYG editor due to component architecture.
However, there is a way to make a deep modification of NorrCompetition code and make strict implementation of the selected editor (in your case JCE), but it will take a lot of time and the component will not be updated to a newer version (all modification will be lost after the installation).

Unfortunately, we cannot work on this custom modification since we are full of work at the moment. Maybe it is better to find someone on a freelance...

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