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7 months 3 days ago #4107 by Rossella Piccirilli
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I installed NorrCompetition. Now I should need to allow only registered users to upload their photos (max 3). That's what I did

1) I created a menu item to access the entry form; that menu item is set to registerd users

2) In my login module I enabled the redirection after login to the menu item #1

3) But when I login as register user I get an error message that says that I don't have the permission.

Can you please help me to set the correct permissions? I got lost...

Thanks in advance

7 months 2 days ago #4110 by Eugene
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Hi Rosella,

You need to set up permissions for the registered user group.

Please read this tutorial:

So, you need to do the same but for registered user group.

1. Go to component options > contest tab > find Entry count param and set it to 3.
2. Go to component options > Permissions tab > Registered user group and allow the following rules:
- Create
- Create Before Contest Start
- Create After Contest Start
- Create After Vote Start

3. Create "Submit entry" menu item (there should be similar menu item in NorrCompetition menu)

Please let me know about your progress.

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