Google Captcha has changed

6 months 2 weeks ago #4157 by Paul Gilbert
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I've noticed  that Google Captcha has changed and only user a Site key. Secret key seems to be removed...

I assume this is why my the Captcha form doesn't display, the info was already added based on old data since configuring this component I realised the captcha doesn't work anymore.

Is this something Norr will update?


6 months 1 week ago #4159 by Eugene
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Replied by Eugene on topic Google Captcha has changed
Hi Paul,
I've checked out Captcha and not sure what you're asking about.
Joomla 3.x has two plugins:

It is ReCaptcha v.2 in Google:

You need to select Captcha v.2 in Google admin panel and choose reCaptcha or Invisible Captcha and use its keys in a similar Joomla plugin. In both cases, there is Site Key and Secret Key.
Joomla 3.x does not support Captcha v3 yet. 

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