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Public voting

We decided to not require people to login to be able to vote for a photo but "check IP" is selected in the back-end. Now only one person is allowed to vote from one IP address, so if two people from the same household (that may only have one computer) want to vote for the same participant, they can't. Is there another way to have only one person vote once for one photo without having to login (but from the same computer as someone else) - is there then a way to check that the same person didn't vote more than once for a photo? Or is the best option to have the public login then?

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Re: Public voting

Hello Ingrid,
Unfortunately, there are no other options to limit permissions except current settings. But you can use social login component to let users log in using social profile and then to vote.
Here is this component:
Any user can click on FB / Twitter / etc account, then log in with a few clicks and to vote. It's easy. You can read more about it in this article . (see paragraph 7)
We can help you to set up and maintain SLogin if it's needed.

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