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Below you can find a list of useful tutorials and articles that will help you with configuring voting contests effectively and use NorrCompetition features on 100%.

For beginners:
How to create photo/video voting contest in Joomla (step-by-step tutorial + video)
Different scenarios of voting contests with NorrCompetition (important tutorial)
10 reasons of the successful voting contest with NorrCompetition - how to get maximum benefits with voting contests
5 Things Users are Usually Missing in NorrCompetition

For advanced users:
How to allow guest users to submit entries (and allow guests to vote)
How to enable one-click update (keep your extension up-to-date)
Monetize Voting Contests via Membership (tutorial)
Monetize Voting Contests via Points (tutorial)

Video overviews:
Review and Demo of NorrNext's Competition Contest Extension for Joomla (by Basic Joomla Tutorials)

Articles in other languages:
Bulgarian - Урок: Как да създадем конкурс с видео/изображения в Джумла
Czech - Představení komponenty NorrCompetition
French - Tuto vidéo : comment créer un concours photo/video dans Joomla!
Italian - Come realizzare un concorso fotografico e\o video con Joomla
Polish - Jak utworzyć konkurs Foto / Video w Joomla
Russian - Как создать голосование за фото и видео на Joomla
Russian - Обзор #1. Как создать фотоконкурс на Joomla
Russian - Обзор#2. Как создать сайт конкурсов
Spanish - Organiza competiciones y concursos en Joomla! en minutos
Turkish - Joomla'da Fotoğraf ve Video Oylama Yarışması Nasıl Oluşturulur?

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