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NorrCompetition GRID


I am trying to configure NorrCompetition Grid. I would follow the documentation, but I am not sure how to even implement it on the site. I understand it is a module, so I would need to add it to a menu page?
I have tried this - inserted it to a single article, as it does not appear as a Menu Item Link option, but the page stays blank.

What I am trying to achieve :

- on the contests page - list all my contests (2 for now)
- clicking on one of the contests should take me to the page with Norr Grid instead of standard contest site

How do I go about this?
I am happy to swap the links in the backend or anything like slight customization, but as far I can not even see the grid anywhere :)

Many thanks in advance

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NorrCompetition GRID

Hi Martyna,

The module must be assigned to an existing position of the template and the best way at my opinion where to display it is a homepage in content area.
Please watch this video to see how it can be configured:

But please note: the module cannot REPLACE the component, the module is an ADDITION to the component to attract visitors' attention.

I got your idea to prevent users to go to each page to see the photo. Well, there is a way to override the theme and customize it by modifying the code related to thumbnail display and insert lightbox there.
You can examine NorrCompetition Grid layout to see how to include lightbox for images and implement the same approach in component theme.

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