Duplicate and different og:type, og:title tags for ZOO items

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Duplicate and different og:type, og:title tags for ZOO items

I've just installed your plugin, however I'm having trouble with the configuration. It is generating currently two sections of meta properties, both with different og:type and og:title information. The second one seems to be related to the application name and I want to get rid of it.
The og:url information is duplicated as well, and the Facebook debugger is complaining about it.

a sample URL: (removed URL)

Another thing: your plugin is not getting proper title or description information for translated ZOO content. We're using Zoolingual to translate content into English and the og:title should be consistent with the current <title> tag. Same applies to the description. Can you ensure compatibility for multilingual ZOO installations?
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Duplicate and different og:type, og:title tags for ZOO items

Hello Borys,
Thanks for your question.
Open Graph for ZOO is a native ZOO element that was developed for ZOO CCK. The plugin generates correct OG tags in ZOO and there is no problem neither in native nor in custom Apps due to CCK architecture.
However, I have to note that ZOOlingual is a commercial extension developed by 3rd party developer and is not the part of ZOO CCK. I can suppose that ZOOlingual overrides some data to provide multilingual feature and, as a result, there is a conflict. We guarantee correct work of our product with native ZOO CCK, but we cannot be responsible for the behaviour of 3rd party extensions.
Since the problem occurs due to work of 3rd party extension, we can have a look and try to find a solution, but such task can be considered as a custom job. If you are interested in that, please submit a post in Commercial jobs section and we will discuss about details.

Best regards,

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