editor fields in norrcompetition [on behalf of a customer]

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editor fields in norrcompetition [on behalf of a customer]

Hello I can't find how to post in the right forum,

I am an extension developer (fasterjoomla.com) and my customer Vox communication is using NorrCompetition on the government site ponir.mit.gov.it/contest .

They asked me how to add support for editor fields and I can't figure it out can you help?

I tried making the fields textarea with safehtml or site filter,
I tried adding 'editor' it to the admin/models/forms/field.xml but even selecting editor, the ajax returns only the markup and not the script initialization, so the editor is not loaded.

Before I spend a day trying to get it to work, have you addressed the issue before? I couldn't find traces in the forum or the docs.
Thank you in advance,

my email is riccardo @ the site mentioned above.

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editor fields in norrcompetition [on behalf of a customer]

Hello Riccardo!

It would be hard to implement, because JS scripts does not work when you are trying to load it via AJAX. That is how it works in our component. But you can give a try and include the needed scripts in appform.php layout. So these JS files always be preloaded.

Best regards,

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