Questions about NorrCompetition

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Questions about NorrCompetition


My name is Eric FEDOR and i am the webmaster of a joomla website of photographical club in france called FLI Pompey - club photo. We are an association

I have several questions about your module maybe before buying KeenIT Photo Contest Joomla extension.

1- we want to use for internal usage in order to select our club best pictures for national club contest (inside the club = only registered joomla member of our website) do you have an option to show it only in this category of people and allow only them to vote

2- can we vote for many picture and can the admin fix the amont ? for exemple i would like to say one week vote will be 5 best (each user must vote for 5 best inside the total)

2- does it in french or only in english ? if not can you give me access to translate it by myself easily ?

3- i would like to try a sample with your test page by creating a new contest but i don t see how to do this on your page even with admin code. i need this to show in live to my community next thursday

thanks for your answer !


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Questions about NorrCompetition

Bonjour Eric,
First of all, thank you for your interest in NorrCompetition and excuse me for the delay with reply. I was on the vacation :-)
Below are my answers:

1. NorrCompetition has flexible settings and you can set up permissions for each user group which means you can disable voting for guests and enable voting for registered users only. Also, you can set up access level for a contest to registered users. Guests won't be able to access to this contest.
By the way, you can allow users to submit entries and hide their entries from viewing before the contest has started.

2. You can set up Voting Options .

  • Vote Frequency – if you allow to cast more than one vote in contest then you can set the vote frequency. You can choose from standard options: no limit (default), once per hour, once per 6 hours, once per 12 hours, once per day, once per week, once per month.
  • Custom Vote Frequency - if the standard options of vote frequency do not meet your requirements then you can set the custom vote frequency for contest. This parameter will override the standard vote frequency.
  • Custom Frequency Mode - the mode for your custom vote frequency in contest: seconds, minutes, hours or days.
    Votes per Entry - the maximum allowed votes for one voter per entry. Set to zero or leave empty for unlimited votes.

3. The component has French localization done via Transifex which can be downloaded from localizations page . It is finished at 99%. Transifex page .

4. We are working on a new demo site that will allow users to play with settings on the back-end, but there is no such site at the moment.
But you can bear in mind we offer a 14-day money back, so it should be enough for you to play with the component, but according to your questions, it seems our product should cover all your needs.

Also, I would recommend watching a video guide discovering main component's features.

Feel free to ask us in a case of any questions.

Best regards,

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Questions about NorrCompetition

Also this tutorial will help you

Especially see Case#7 - this will allow you to set multiple stages of voting (vote for certain count of photos).

Best regards,

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