Error with Field Folder

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Error with Field Folder

Hello friends,

I have noticed that when an image has already been selected and saved in the article and I want to replace it, a folder called "Field Folder" appears and does not allow (the images folder is not shown) to navigate within the subfolders.
I must deselect the image, save and then I can just navigate in the images folder. Attachment screenshot.
I remain attentive to your comments, best regards.


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Error with Field Folder


It is not a bug, it is a feature. The idea behind it is to protect all images that are not in the folder from which the current image is selected using media field. So this allows to give restricted access to images for person that only uploads images through media field and does not see whole images folder.

But I can agree that the implementation of this feature is not so good and we will think how to manage it.

Best regards,

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