FB share button do not publish pictures on FB

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FB share button do not publish pictures on FB

I just bought Lifetime subscription on all ZOO elements & extensions.
I've installed Social Share for ZOO but do not share pictures in FB
You can help?
I use Joomla 3.9, Zoo 3.3.33

URL for test HERE


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FB share button do not publish pictures on FB

Hello Panagotis,
Thank you for your purchase.
There are two elements: Social Share (displays buttons) and Open Graph (adds special tags).
I've opened the URL you have approved and noticed there is an image gallery.

Open Graph add the special tags to markup the page for social media.
Our Open Graph element operates with default image element and with ImagePro element.
If no such element founded, a default image should be added. But I see the following empty path:

	<meta property="og:image" content="https://www.kostoday.com/" />

It is interesting. What gallery element is used?

Well, there are 3 ways:
1. Add a default ZOO image element to the App.
2. Select images in Open Graph settings in item edit mode manually.
3. Modify the plugin to make it friendly to a gallery element.

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