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I may have multiple issues here. I just installed the Stripe for Phoca Cart plugin. My website is located and my shopping cart is available from the Videos for Sale menu.

First, your documentation states, "If you're using commercial component (NorrCompetition) and its add-ons, you don't need this plugin. In other cases NorrNext Download Key plugin must be installed..." The Download Key plugin was in my downloads folder on your site so I assumed I needed it and the documentation quoted above seemed to say that I did. When I installed it I got errors which I didn't document although I have the log files showing what look to be errors that I can't make much out of (they are appended to the end of this message. However your documentation page later says this download plugin only applies to two RD Subscription extensions. I'm confused. Do I need it or not?

Second, both the Stripe and Download Key plugins are enabled. The Phoca cart Stripe payment method is configured and currently is in Sandbox mode. A probably unrelated problem at the moment is that I cannot create an account while checking out so I've been proceeding as a guest for testing purposes. When selecting the Stripe payment method and advancing to the Payment Options screen, even after Saving I'm not presented with credit card options (CC#, Exp date, etc). An edit Payment option appears but that takes me back to the Payment Options screen. Any ideas what I'm missing? Log file attached
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Hi Michael,

1. NorrNext Download Key plugin is optional and is used to provide the support of Joomla Update System. We can confirm that it is being installed with an error on Joomla 4 and will fix it.

2. Do you have the same problem with the standard payment options like "Cash On Delivery" or "Paypal"?
From what you are saying I can understand that is it not our plugin issue as the payment plugin is involved only when you process all over the checkout completely and click on the "Confirm Order". Then the next page should load displaying the card form. And that the page where the payment plugin is doing its job.

Here is the screen how it should look like:

Best regards,

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Hi Michael,

I've tried to test the checkout process on your site and unable to finalize the checkout due to Captcha issue:

The Captcha code you have entered is wrong. Please, try it again

Well, there is a Captcha plugin that need to be configured. I suppose you have enabled Captcha in Phoca Cart configuration, but forgot to add keys. Please check it out. Maybe core Captcha plugin is needed too.

Enable Captcha in Checkout – This is best set to Guests Only as Registered Members have already passed the Captcha test.

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