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Well, you probably have already understood that you’ll need a business website. What if you already have a website and you’re looking to expand and grow your business? In either case, you need to have a web hosting company that can meet and sustain all the needs of your website and business. Just because you have a big and fantastically designed web designed website does not mean you’re finished. You need an equally great and competent hosting service that can accommodate your large website and the amount of data and visitors it’ll undoubtedly experience.

Six reasons to choose SiteGround - best & secure hosting for Joomla!

There is more to hosting than just boasting about fast servers. Here are five reasons why hosting with SiteGround is the right choice.

Server Locations on Three Continents

There are three data-centers for best client's choice. SiteGround cover Europe, North-America and Asia-Pacific region. Closest server powering your website which helps reinforce redundancy and ultimately helping reduce negative effects of high server load.

Joomla! website works faster

SiteGround provides best performance for websites based on Joomla! due to a special infrastructure using modern technologies and server solutions that optimized to get best performance and speed-up.

Advanced technologies

With modern technology, constantly updated server software and optimization, SiteGround provides the very best for your website. PHP 5.5, PageSpeed, FastCGI, and other new server technologies will help make your pages load up to 6 times faster than other hosting providers.

High-end security

All server are maintained using in-house technology that provides all SiteGround accounts to be isolated from each other and if any website get hacked due to vulnerability, the other websites based on Joomla! will be safe. The special monitoring process checks all server accounts to keep up Joomla! security on high level.

Affordably Priced

Taking into account of all the features offered, SiteGround offers quite a punch that values more than other competitors in the hosting space market. There are times in your business life when you need to look beyond the price tag and strongly consider things like support, uptime, quality, and features.

Support and Beyond

SiteGround electricity bill must be large, because their lights are running all the time. The phrase “24/7/365” could not be more accurately used here. Moreover, you can receive their support via a 24/7 live chat, by phone or even by Twitter!

SiteGround data center in Amsterdam
Amsterdam data center
SiteGround data center in Chicago
Chicago data center
SiteGround data center in Singapore
Singapore data center

Yearly Uptime: 99.99%. Monthly Uptime 99.99%. Real uptime - and it is amazing! The care with which SiteGround choose data centers, the unique approach they have to server setup and the 100% dedication of the system administrating teams pays off with great uptime! In addition SiteGround have created a unique software that minimized downtime on their servers to an extent never seen before!

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Web hosting plans start at just 3.95 € / month