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JMB CopyLetters

Keep a copy of messages coming through your contact forms

JMB CopyLetters provides the ability to save a copy of the contact form submissions sent via com_contact. The messages that are sent via the native Joomla contacts component can be saved as articles to a specified category. The category can be restricted within Joomla to have special permissions and be available only to specific users or access groups. The article contains all the provided information about the sender: name, e-mail, date, and a message. It is also possible to send a copy of the message to a specified email address.

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Extension: Plugin
Version: 1.0.1
Type: Free
Compatibility: 3.9.*

Control the correspondence

Do you want to keep a copy of any correspondence which assigned users may receive via the Contacts component?

It’s easy with JMB CopyLetters!

This plugin allows messages that were sent through the core Joomla contact component to be saved into specified category content as articles. The articles include all provided information from the sender: name, e-mail, subject and a message. All incoming messages from the Contacts component can be duplicated to an e-mail specified in the plugin settings, so you may add own e-mail and receive notifications and copies of all incoming messages that other assigned users may receive.

This plugin might be useful for monitoring the correspondence what assigned to Contact form users can receive.

JMB CopyLetters

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JMB CopyLetters

Plugin settings

You may configure the format of articles which are used to save the messages through the plugin back-end:

  • Define the author of created article with message content and associated data
  • Specify an e-mail address to which a copy of the message will be sent
  • Choose a category from the drop-down list.
  • Save the messages as articles
  • Keep all related sender’s data in article
  • Assign the articles to specified user
  • Assign the articles to category
  • Send a copy to e-mail
  • Plugin localisation
  • Clean & lightweight code
  • No Cron job needed

Updates & Changelog

Version 1.0.1 - 2015-05-19

Bug Fixed Change update site URL

Version 1.0.0 - 2015-01-12

New Added Initial Release