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JMB Donation

An easy way to allow bloggers to recieve a donation

Using the JMB Donation content plugin you can enable bloggers and content writers on your website to raise funds via PayPal or Yandex.Money. The plugin allows you to specify an account to receive funds and set the default price for each author. JMB Donation can enrich personal blogs or portals who have multiple writers, enabling each content author to specify their own merchant ID to which they can receive the donations.

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Extension: Plugin
Version: 1.0.3
Type: Free
Compatibility: 3.9.*

An easy way to ask for donations

It’s often difficult to monetise a blog, and people find it challenging to ask for money - but let’s face it, who hasn’t saved hours of time when you’ve come across a well written, helpful blog post which told you how to fix that problem your boss was yelling about for hours? How many times have you felt grateful to the writer, but do not know how to express your gratitude?

JMB Donation allows you to add a clean, discrete donations button at the bottom of your articles, where visitors can use a slider to choose the amount they wish to donate, and pay directly through PayPal or Yandex.Money.

This plugin have a special syntax to use within content allowing to specify donation default price and PayPal account / Yandex.Money ID to get fundraising. JMB Donation might be used for multiple authors within one website (magic of syntax).

The design is an important part of the plugin and you may see a nice style in front-end of the plugin. Moving the sliderbar you may change amount of donation and nice decorative "face" will change its "mood" according the amount you're going to donate which add some dynamic touch and fun. The smiley can be configured in back-end side. JMB Donation is a perfect addition for blogging with Joomla.

JMB Donation

It's important for us to get feedback on the product: your ideas and suggestions.

  • JMB Donation - backend settings
  • JMB Donation - backend settings

Plugin settings

All parameters for the plugin can be configured in the back-end of the website. It is also possible to select the style, and to adjust the image to match your desired design.

  • Choose the online money transfer system: PayPal or Yandex.Money
  • Set up the default donation amount
  • Show or hide the logo of the payment service provider
  • Enable the slider and smile effects
  • Set up the color of the dynamic smile
  • Change the width and height of the smile

The current version of JMB Donation requires the use of Mootools. In upcoming versions we will try to provide jQuery support.

  • Support for PayPal and Yandex.Money
  • Different syntax to manage params
  • Multi-use within the website
  • Set custom PayPal account in any article
  • Custom Yandex.Money wallet to receive funds
  • Clean and professional styling
  • Clean code
  • Easy localisation

Updates & Changelog

Version 1.0.3 - 28.10.2017

Improved New parameter to set minimal amount for slider

Improved New parameter to set maximal amount for slider

Improved New parameter to set step amount for slider

Bug Fixed Big pictures breaks the layout

Bug Fixed MooTools and jQuery conflict

Version 1.0.2 - 19.05.0215

Bug Fixed Change update site URL

Version 1.0.1 - 12.04.2015

Improved Removed target blank from the forms

Improved Added support for layout overrides

Bug Fixes Add smile JS scripts only if smile is enabled in the parameters

Version 1.0.0 - 12.01.2015

New Added Initial Release